MarkTag® user applied labels for syringes containing drugs used in anesthesia – colors, appearance and properties in accordance with the international ISO 26825:2020 standard.

MarkTag® labels are used to mark the type and dose of drugs administered via syringes in hospitals. MarkTag® stickers are intended for use by healthcare professionals in a healthcare facility and are not intended for home use.

Preventing errors in drug administration is part of continuous improvement of the quality of health care, therefore, interdisciplinary cooperation in a safe work environment with good communication in the team and adherence to the safe drug administration protocol is necessary.

The color of the label is pre-defined depending on the type of drug printed on the MarkTag® label and the unit of measure for the administration of the specified type of drug determined depending on the type of drug and the color of the label. The MarkTag® label is intended for use with standard, commercially available syringes. The MarkTag® label may be applied on any clean and dry syringe.

Make sure to apply the MarkTag® label lengthwise on the syringe, while leaving graduation markings visible.  When you are sure that the label is in the desired place, press it to make sure that it adheres well to the surface of the syringe.

After applying the MarkTag® label on the syringe, check if the label and graduation markings are clearly visible. Make sure that the color and drug on the label match that in the syringe.


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